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Vehicles impounded can be redeemed at one of these two locations.  You should call first to get the proper location.

B&B Towing Spokane:
Main office
4308 E Trent
Spokane, WA 99212
(509) 533-0111
(509) 533-0550 fax


B&B Towing Spokane Valley:
6016 E Trent Ave
Spokane Valley, WA 99212
(509) 535-0111
(509) 533-0550 fax






The following procedures are Washington State Law.  We are required to abide by them.

The following is required for us to release a vehicle

þ Only the Legal Owner, the Registered Owner, or the Insurance Company may redeem an impounded vehicle. more  (exception- see releasing to friend)

þ Picture ID is required. more

þ All towing and storage fees must be paid.  We accept cash or credit card - no checks! more

þ Any police holds must be released by the investigating officer. more

þ In some cases a court release is required. more



The person wishing to redeem an impounded vehicle must be listed as the Registered or Legal Owner according to DOL records.  If you have recently purchased the vehicle but not yet transferred the registration into your name, you MUST do so before attempting to redeem the vehicle.  (exception- see releasing to friend)


The person wishing to redeem an impounded vehicle must present picture ID, such as a drivers license, state issued ID card, military ID, or a passport, or other valid ID.  If you have no picture ID, you must transfer the registration into the name of someone who does have picture ID.


All towing & storage fees must be paid before the vehicle will be released.  Current WSP established rates are charged for all impounds.

Typical fees for Impounded cars and pickups are as follows:

     þ Towing fee: $177 per hour, minimum 1 hour
     þ    Storage fee: $45 per day ( billed in 1/2 day increments)
     þ After hours fee: $88.50 will be charged if vehicle or contents are
            released after normal business hours of 8 - 5 M-F or holidays.

We accept cash or credit card payment only, no checks.

* These rates are current as of October 15th,  2008, but are subject to change.


     þ Vehicles placed on a 30, 60, or 90 day hold require a deposit of 50% of the storage fees within 5 days of the impound, otherwise the vehicle will be auctioned before the hold is up.  The register owner is not eligible to purchase the vehicle at auction.

     þ Vehicles placed on hold for investigation of a crime, must be released by the investigating detective before we can release the vehicle.


In some cases, a release is required from the court.  You must obtain a release from the court that suspended your drivers license.  Generally the court will issue a release if you either make a payment and/or payment arrangement toward your past due fines.


 I have a bill of sale, but the vehicle is not registered to me?

According to Washington State Law, a bill of sale does not constitute ownership, and therefore cannot be used to redeem an impounded vehicle.  You must transfer the registration into your name before attempting to redeem the vehicle.

Can I redeem the vehicle for my friend or relative?

A NOTARIZED authorization letter from the registered or legal owner is the only way to allow another party to claim the vehicle or any of its contents.  Use the Authorization to Release form to do this.  This form can be faxed back to us at 509-533-0550.

Can I get my personal belongings out of the vehicle?

If the vehicle is on a police hold, nobody can see, touch, or remove anything from the vehicle.

The registered or legal owner may retrieve personal belongings during normal business hours of 8 - 5 Monday thru Friday (excluding holidays).  An after hours fee will be charged to open up at any other time.

You may authorize somebody else to retrieve personal belongings using the Authorization to Release form.

Only personal property items may be removed from the vehicle.  Nothing integral or attached to the vehicle can be removed.  This includes, but is not limited to, batteries, tires, radios, amplifiers, speakers, and keys.

What happens if I fail to redeem my vehicle?

Impounded vehicles accrue storage fees on a daily basis, therefore the sooner you redeem your vehicle, the less it will cost you.  Vehicles not redeemed are sold at auction in an attempt to recover the towing and storage fees.  The vehicle sales price rarely matches the fees owed against it.  After the auction two things happen:

1. If the vehicle did not sell, or the sales price is not sufficient to cover the fees owed against it, collection proceedings are immediately started against the last registered owner.

2. The Washington State Patrol issues the registered owner a citation for "Littering - Abandoned Vehicle", which carries a $538 fine and eventual license suspension if restitution is not made to the towing company.  You have 15 days to respond to this citation and pay the towing and storage fees.

Can I bid on my car at auction?

No, Washington State Law permits us to refuse any bid from any person currently indebted to the towing company. RCW 46.55.130 (3)

Why do we have these stringent state regulations?

Quite simply, to protect the owner of the vehicle.  We take many steps to protect your vehicle and its contents, including police inventory, high wire security fencing, surveillance cameras, and alarms.  If your car is impounded or towed from an accident, would you really want anybody to be able to claim your vehicle or contents?  If we released your vehicle and/or its contents to someone other than you, and you did not receive them, that liability would fall on us, and the body that enforces our regulations, Washington State Patrol.  Since Department of Licensing records are the only way to determine the true owner of the vehicle, the state requires that you prove you are that person.